37 Lessons in 37 Years: A Birthday Reflection

Today I turn 37 years old.  Even as I type that, I’m shaking my head wondering how in the world this happens.  3 years from 40.  For those of you who are in your 40’s +, I can see you shaking your head at me with a knowing smirk.  For those of you 37 and younger, you get what I’m saying.

My sweet daughter, Hailey blogged her 22 lessons in 22 years.  I thought I’d follow her lead and do one of my own.  You can read hers here:  Authentically Yours:  22 Lessons in 22 Years.   My own list is looking more like something that could be called “What my past relationships have taught me”, but to celebrate 37 years of life, I thought it would be fun to make my own list of life lessons.

  1. Jesus Is The Only Thing That Will Satisfy You
  2. Money doesn’t make you happy: Ever
  3. Power & prestige doesn’t either
  4. You can be sitting in a crowded room and be lonely
  5. Prince Charming never disguises himself like a frog.
  6. If you see a frog – run – never ever kiss it.
  7. The reality of who you are isn’t defined by what you think, but your actions
  8. Chocolate doesn’t solve problems, but it sure makes thinking through them easier.
  9. -40 is really cold no matter how you cut it.  Frozen snot isn’t a good look either.
  10. You cannot do 1,000 things to the glory of God.
  11. Taking a risk is scary but always worth it.
  12. Broken is only a place where healing begins.
  13. God is a gentleman
  14. On the other side of scary, adventure can usually be found
  15. It’s a safe thing to trust God to fulfill the desires He creates
  16. Writing is therapeutic.
  17. The edge of faith is the place where you get to see God.
  18. Worship is the front door to God’s Presence
  19. Leaving everything behind is a limited point of view.
  20. Your perception of reality doesn’t define reality
  21. Listen more than you speak
  22. Not every question is worthy of a response
  23.  Wet hair will freeze at -40 but it doesn’t snap off.
  24. Dog sleds are underrated.
  25. Nature will introduce you to God.
  26. If your breath hasn’t been stolen in the last month, you aren’t living.
  27. Adventure will remind you what you’re made of.
  28. A mountain can only be be climbed one step at a time
  29. Writing a book begins with a single word
  30. Authenticity is always rewarded and rarely despised.
  31. Loving people always produces blessing
  32. The principle of farming is true:  You will always reap what you sow
  33. Good is the enemy of great
  34. Be intentional in the quiet moments: you’ll find your heart and hear God
  35. God still speaks to people today.
  36. Jesus is everything.
  37. MY MOST RECENT LESSON:  You aren’t defined by what you do, but by who you are!

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