How The Kindness Of One Walmart Employee Made An Impact On My Life

I don’t even know his last name, but he left an impact on me.  Fonzo handled the produce at my local Walmart Neighborhood Market, and always greeted me with a smile.  For years, he and I would casually catch up while he stacked the apples.  The produce section is directly near the entrance and so each time I walked in the doors, there he was waiting with a welcome and a smile.  Over the last several months he even greeted me with a hug.

Fonzo also worked out at the gym that my dad goes to.  He casually knows him and Fonzo would ask about our family while they lifted weights.  We invited him to my mom’s surprise birthday party in June.  He came to their home, had a huge helping of cake, and wished my mom happy birthday.

Today I found out that he suddenly passed away.

This morning I spent a lot of time with the Lord while He taught me about acts of kindness.  Sometimes fingerprints of God and the scent of His Presence can be most keenly felt through simple acts of kindness from others.  In fact, as I set my Bible down and put away my journal, I heard the Lord whisper “watch for my kindness today”.

Fonzo lived out acts of kindness.  He was joyful.  He was kind.  He once saw that I was struggling with a buggy, took mine, brought me a new one to make sure my shopping was easier and I didn’t struggle.  A small thing maybe to him, but something I’ll never forget.

Walmart, if you read this, you have lost one of your best and brightest.  His legacy should exemplify everything you want in an employee.

As for me, today I’m challenged by Fonzo and the impact he had on my life.  His small acts of kindness added up and I looked forward to my grocery run and grabbing my bananas because he would be there with a smile.

I’ll miss you friend.  You impacted my world more than you’ll ever know and you’ve challenged me to love bigger, help more often, and look for ways to go out of my way to be kind to others.


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