Hurricane Florence & A Briley Family Update

What a week it has been!  Keith was still in Dallas helping his family when we chatted on the phone about having to keep an eye on Florence.

Early this week the news was projecting that this could be “a storm for the history books” and “the worst storm the east coast will have ever seen”.   And so we did the first and only thing we knew to do:  We prayed.

Now total transparency here:  This is my 4th year of hurricanes since moving to South Carolina and in all those four years, I’ve panicked.  I’ve worn Keith out with worry year after year.  My neighbors and best friend knows now to expect a call from me finding out if they are evacuating and how concerned they are.

Although this was supposed to be the storm of all storms to hit us, all week I have been walking around in a blanket of complete peace.

As an update it’s Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. and we are just now experiencing some wind.  The worst that we will see will probably come tonight and tomorrow.  If we get a lot of rain in the next 24 – 48 hours we’ll need to watch the speed of the wind and gusts for trees falling over like it did with Hurricane Matthew.  In that storm we lost 3 trees.

Today I’m mindful of the massive pour outages, flooded homes and trauma that North Carolina is experiencing and we are praying for them and that rains will cease.


As with most things in life, I sit back and ask myself what this storm has taught me.  It has taught me two things:

The first is this:  Keith and I have been absolutely overwhelmed with how much love and support has been shown to us.   Our phones have been blowing up with concerned folks reaching out to make sure we are ok.  Prayers, thoughts and wishes have been coming our way and have meant the world to us.  We are so deeply appreciative of every note.  I don’t know that we’ve ever felt so loved.

Second, I didn’t know what the outcome would be of this storm.  All the information told us that this could be a horrific experience, but instead of engaging in the firestorm of fear on the tv and across social media, I did what I’ve never done:  Sat in rest and peace. I was so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to take Him at His word when He promised “I will keep her in perfect peace when her mind is stayed on me”.

Now another moment of transparency, with a city shut down and under an emergency evacuation in place, this causes havoc for small business owners who need to shut down their business.   And so chatting with Keith about how long we would be shut down and what we needed to do to prepare for what might be ahead, my knees got a little shaky.

And I’ll tell you the God’s honest truth:  I hear the Lord whisper this to me “you trusted me with could have been a catastrophic storm that could have destroyed everything we’ve built.  Are you not going to trust me with this?”   

Oy.  I looked up.  I shrugged.  I admitted that in light of that statement my fear seemed unwarranted.

This scenario taking place:  Seeing storms coming, weathering through them, battling fear and unknowns and looking for Truth and God in the midst of it is the very essence to this blog.

I wish I could say I do things perfectly all the time, and my behavior and responses are 100% of the time crowned with grace and faith, but it’s just not so.

Most days when you read this blog you’ll just be trudging through the mud with me as I work out hard questions, deal with real fears, and mostly write to myself.

This blog has become that:  A place for me to work out many of my own fears and thoughts.   I only hope that somewhere along the way, you’re facing the same fears, the same scenario or something relatable and together we can talk through and work together through the hard stuff of life.

Thank you for reading.  Thanks for being a friend.  And thanks for praying for us!


As with all my posts, if you know of someone that this might encourage, help, or find interesting, please feel free to share this post.


Much love!



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  1. This is my favorite verse. It has special meaning to me.
    I have been scared for you and my other friend that live in Charleston. I hope it passes quickly.

    Psalms 81:1 –

    “In distress you called, and I delivered you;
    I answered you in the secret place of thunder”.

  2. This is another favorite verse of mine! Again, it has special meaning to me. I have been scared for you and my friend in CHS. You both are so chill about it!

    Quote: 1 Timothy 6:16

    “…who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see. To him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.”

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