3 Ways God Heals Your Pain

At 22 years old my nephew is a lean, tall athlete that has been groomed for basketball his entire life.  He’s played football and baseball, and probably many other sports I don’t know about, but his game and heart lies in basketball.   He’s very recently been offered a full scholarship at a University close to us as team captain and point guard.

We are all so proud of him. But when it looked like he could have sustained an injury that could have literally altered the course of his career, we all got on our knees.

Dear friends of ours are physical therapists and during a long weekend pool party, offered to look at Cole’s injury.  I watched them care for Cole and his pain points and couldn’t help but recognize their movements as being similar to how God cares for our pain.  Here’s a couple conclusions I’ve drawn:

Thoughtful Questions

With eyes directly on Cole and his area of pain, they began by asking questions.  I have found in my own life, that God rarely is intrusive.  In my personal journey, He’s been such a gentleman, asking questions to prompt me towards awareness of where I am, and guiding me towards where I need to go.  Sometimes He’ll bring someone into my life that will help direct my season or next step, other times He will tell me through my time in prayer or reading the Bible.

A Soft Tweak

After assessing his movement, mobility, asking countless questions, and literally watching each angle of his area of pain, he expertly and gently pressed, moved, bent, pulled, and twisted Cole.  Sometimes God will change up our position with gentle, intentional

movements.  It may feel or seem uncomfortable to us in that moment, but it will increase our range of motion, and our overall effectiveness.

Pain can be debilitating and limiting, but God’s gentle hands can guide us beyond the pain into our greater potential.

Releasing Pressure

And then came the needles….   Much like acupuncture, this trained physical therapist is an expert at what they call “Needling”.  By inserting a needle into precise locations, the needle will target pain points and cause the muscle to twitch and the body to release the pain.   Sometimes God will use circumstances that are uncomfortable, scary and sharp to release our pain.  While walking through those moments are difficult and less than desirable, the other side and the benefit of walking without pain will be so rewarding.  I watched Cole wince at the needle probed into his muscle, and I hated it for him, but was amazed at the healing that he nearly instantly experienced.  Sometimes the thing we fear the most is what God can use the best to get us to the other side of pain.

A Soft Touch

Our friends are married and both physical therapist.  After her husband was finished with his impromptu treatment, she stepped forward with knowing hands and gently rubbed the muscle and worked away the pain.  I watched the way she engaged her whole body to put pressure behind her movements and to work flexibility into the muscles.   There’s nothing you can be more sure of, than the sweet touch of your heavenly Father whose loving hands will guide you into healing.

Pain hurts.  Whether you’ve been injured physically, or hurt emotionally by someone close to you, or life just has you in a hard place, I hope you’ll go see your Father, the Healer.  Pain is never easy to work through.  Some days are good, others are hard, but His Presence is constant.  And your working through the pain to healing is His top priority.

Here’s the thing:  God is faithful and deeply interested healing your pain.  This has been proven in my life and the life of my family repeatedly.

If you find this post helpful, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  If you know of a friend who may need a little encouragement in their pain, I hope you’ll send them the link and share it with them.

Until next time sweet friend, I will be praying that the Lord will place His hands on you and begin your healing process and release the pressure building up in your life.

I love you so.


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