Determining The Value Of Your Art

Artists rarely accurately value their own work.

It’s true.  I have yet to find an artist that feels they have reached a destination.  More commonly, great artists will arrive at a determined location in their journey, only to pull their map back out and set another goal or point to which they can work towards.

Great artists never stop growing.

Our creative talent and abilities are birthed out of curiosity mixed with bravery.  Had I not been slightly curious and brave, I would have never picked up a paint brush in my 20’s.  I was the girl who couldn’t (and still can’t) draw a stick figure.  There’s no doubt that our creativity and subsequent art directly flows from something deep within us.

I think photographers may be the group that is most guilty for devaluing their art.  To them, once they understand composition, have a grasp on the digital darkroom, it is easy for them to devalue what they do.  Not to mention, we are now in a space where photography is mainstream, and “everyone has a camera”.

When we take on the thought that photography is a devalued art form because it’s available to the masses, we are causing more damage than we realize.

On a larger scale, we also see this from Galleries.  I’ve noticed many a galleries here in Charleston who have devalued photographic work because it is a representation of something that exists and not something that is born from imagination or built from a blank canvas.

If our creativity flows from the core of who we are, than anything that comes from this sacred place should be hallowed ground.

If the thought of not being able to pick up a paint brush again, to sing into a crowded room, grab your camera gear, or sit down at a pottery wheel causes you grief, you are an artist.

The question of valuing our art stems from a deeper question:  Do we value our own heart?

Don’t discount your self expression and the beauty that flows from it.  The world needs more of it.  In this place of creativity we can inspire and be inspired.  We can feed the pool of creativity and I have always found that by feeding my creativity, I am consistently learning more about myself and more importantly learning about the One who placed the need to create within me.


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