Creating Margin To Create

If you wait for inspiration to strike, you’ll never create.  In fact, if you wait for inspiration, none of your projects will ever seen completion.

I learned quickly when I started painting, photographing and writing that discipline and patience is as important to my creativity as taking lessons to grow my understanding of my art.

If I were to ask you about your spare time, you may laugh at me.  We live in a place where we constantly have demands on our resources and our greatest resource is time.  

You and I have to be intentional to carve out time for what is brewing within our heart to create.  When I started painting, I took lessons and not only did the lessons help me grow and discover my ability to paint, but having a scheduled time set aside to meet with like minded people, allowed me to prioritize my creativity.

I can’t stress enough the importance to value what God is placing in your heart to create.

Don’t dismiss what’s in your heart because you can’t see an outcome. 

When I first started photography in 2009, I never dreamed in a million years that it would become the place I would meet my husband and how we would provide for our family with a group of photography businesses.

Had I never created the margin to create, learn and grow, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

What God has planned for you is so much bigger than your imagination.  

Obey God in the small promptings and whispers of your heart and I promise it will lead you to things that are beyond your expectations and will satisfy your greatest desires.


Photographer, Business Owner, Nature Addict, Coffee Obsessed, Pizza is my kryptonite.

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