Productive Rest

We returned from our annual pilgrimage and photography workshop in the Canadian Rockies on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday morning my sweet husband went to do battle with United for our lost luggage. Wednesday found us trying to play catch up with calls, emails, laundry, schedules and chores around the house. Oh the joys of returning home. I looked at Keith and said “let’s run away again”.

I envy those with an RV and an open map.

Thursday came and I was back at it with workshops, and another one on Friday. In between I tucked in conference calls, emails and troubleshooting a new website.
Saturday started to slow down and today Sunday I opened my eyes and realized I was late for our 9:00 service. I woke up with guilt.

I truly miss my church family but right now I feel a profound need to just sit right where I am in the sun and breathe deeply. If you don’t hear from me today, it’s because my phone will be on Do Not Disturb.

Mandated Rest may become my mantra.

Let’s face it, we are all living in the fast lane, with more and more things tugging, pushing and pulling at our attention and agendas.

Carving out time for rest, and more importantly, preparing for your period of rest is a profound way you can honor the Lord, your family and yourself. In order to prepare for rest and allowing my mind to turn off, I have to know that I’ve left things in a place of expectation. Even if my work isn’t completed, I’ve communicated expectations that responses and work will be delivered on Monday.

Even though I’m currently not sitting in a pew, I’ve identified that my most refreshing moments come when I’m spending time with God. We talk. Really we do. It’s an actual conversation and it’s necessary to my life. That’s a whole other blog…

Today sweet friend, I hope you are taking Sunday back to it’s roots and allowing yourself time to focus on God, focus on your family, and focusing on your own needs and rest requirements.

I’ll catch ya later this week. For now, I’m going to snooze to the sounds of nature, wind chimes, and the warmth of the sun.


Photographer, Business Owner, Nature Addict, Coffee Obsessed, Pizza is my kryptonite.

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