A Fathers Day Reflection From The Wilderness

In the early 1990’s a 40 year old man had a crazy idea to leave his comfortable position in a hospital to head to the place where the road ends in Northern Alberta. His mission (literally) was to establish relationships with the First Nations, both Cree and Chipewyan, and then open the doors of a church. I’m sure by now you realize that this is my Father.

Today is Fathers Day and I am surrounded by the mountains of Alberta and I’m reflecting on my Dad and his calling that changed not only my life, but touched an entire village.

My brother and I grew up in a place where dog sledding was our sport, quads (ATV’s) were used to explore the wilderness, and stopping for tea at Lenora’s cabin in the bush on her trap line was something we looked forward to.

Our childhood exposure to wilderness lead my brother to go to the interior of jungles to build relationships and plant churches. He also has wilderness survival running thick through his blood. It’s the essence to who he is.

For me, my fathers ministry in the wilderness planted in me a deep intimacy with nature, an inherent need for wilderness, wild and adventure. It’s the reason I became a nature photographer.

Even now, as I write this from the forest, I realize that my calling and my life’s purpose is a creek that flows from my dads initial calling. It’s because of him and his obedience that my streams run wide and deep.

So Dad, on this Fathers Day, I realize that without your obedience to follow God To the place where the road ends, I would never be at this place where my feet are standing at the edge of glacial rivers and my eyes are gazing up at rugged peaks.

I lam who I am, and here because of you.


Photographer, Business Owner, Nature Addict, Coffee Obsessed, Pizza is my kryptonite.

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