Racism: The Enemy Of America

I want to introduce you to someone who is incredibly dear to my heart: His name is Eric.

Eric came into my sister’s life when things looked bleak.  She battles so many physical conditions, even as her sister, I’ve lost count.  Eric not only chose her, he wanted to be the one to be at her side and care for her.

I’ll be honest, when I first met him my eyebrows probably should have gotten stuck into my hairline.  He’s a monster of a man.  Every part of his build and personality exudes that he’s a protector.   He’s also African American.

Today the racial division in America has escalated to an all-time high in my lifetime.  If you lived through the 1950’s and 1960’s this may be a reminder of the tension that once was.  Folks taking a stand, or rather a knee, to voice their opinion about equal rights is getting confused with a lack of respect for a country.  Lines are blurring while the topic of race is festering.

Today I want to make one thing exceptionally clear on this tiny little platform that I have, and this place where my thoughts are expressed:  I am 100%, absolutely against racism in all of its forms, both overt and covert.

Far too long Christians have neglected to be blunt, forthright, and outspoken about controversial subjects.  Sitting silently on the back bench may be easier, but Jesus never eluded to this being an option for true Christians.

It’s sad that I have to write this.  When I wrote the blog post, We Stand Because They Fell, it had nothing to do with any sort of tolerance for racism or overlooking the reason men started taking a knee.  Respect for all people should be as expected as it is for our flag.

To be accurately identified with Christ means we’ll have to step into what’s uncomfortable.

 Give when it hurts.  Turning not only our eyes but also our hands to the needy.  Stopping and listening when our schedules are packed.  Reach out to all people, whether they are Black, White, Hispanic, East Indian, or Native American.  It will also mean we will stand up for our brothers and sisters, when our friends, co-workers, and neighbors have an entirely different opinion. Doing what’s right in a climate of chaos is usually the road less traveled.  Truth is rarely popular.

To that very tall, very strong, and very honorable man, who daily makes sacrifices for my sister, you are deeply loved, deeply respected and we are deeply thankful that you’re in our family.  I’d lock arms with you any day.


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