The Joy Of Autumn

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in the lowcountry of coastal South Carolina.  Last week Keith and I wrapped up our 2016 Fall Foliage Photography Workshop.  We reluctantly left the gorgeous colors of autumn in the Smokey Mountains and came back to South Carolina where I then turned straight around, repacked and headed to New York City for work with the magazines.

This morning was my first quiet morning now that our busy October is coming to a close and it was my first chance to take a deep breath.  I woke up at 6:30 to a brisk morning, sipped some coffee, had my quiet time, and took one of our dogs for a walk.  It finally feels like fall here.

The church down the street has pumpkins lined in rows along the front of the church just waiting for families to come and pick the perfect one.   There’s a stillness to the morning air met with a hint of coolness and during my walk I watched the squirrels gathering for the winter.

Fall is a favorite of mine.  It’s as if this time of year gives me permission to slow down, take a breath, nest in my home with baked goods, crock pots, my husband watching football games and focusing on my family.  A sure sign of this was when I had an overwhelming feeling of love for my husband while folding his underwear.   Yep, it’s fall!

I never expected to live such a blessed life, and I’m so thankful for it.  A lot of hard work, long hours, and endless planning has played a part in helping us to arrive at this place where we find ourselves.  I need these quiet mornings of silence, reflection, coffee, and stillness.

If you’re like me, we run at 100 miles per hour until we crash hard, take a brief moment and then get back up and do it again.  Moments like this morning remind us that there’s something sacred and almost mystical if you slow down, sip your coffee, listen to the birds, watch the squirrels, bake a pie, or rustle the leaves under your feet.

Perhaps this season of thanksgiving involves more than vocalizing gratitude, but also embracing and attitude of thanks by slowing down enough to appreciate the small and sacred moments.


Photographer, Business Owner, Nature Addict, Coffee Obsessed, Pizza is my kryptonite.

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