Called To Creativity

Whether it’s decorating your home, photography, scrapbooking, painting or knitting, you were designed to create.  The heart of a woman is fashioned after our Creator Father and because we are created in His image, our creativity is worship.  Discover how to identify your creative outlet, and what creative worship means.

Exposing & Filling The Longings Of Your Heart

Journey back to the Old Testament to look at women who had unmet longings and the catastrophic impact in their lives, their family and generations to follow.  Together we will find the One who not only fills our longings, but created them.  Discover the joy of finding your fulfillment in Jesus and what that practically looks like in everyday life.

Filled: His Presence, Our Purpose

Growing up as women we want to be a princess with her own fairy tale.  The wishing well was made famous by beloved Disney characters, but together we will find that meeting a husband at a well was a common Old Testament Custom.  Together we’ll step up to the well and meet the One and Only Prince who can satisfy our hearts and meet our needs.

Hearing God

Do you desire to hear God?  Do you long for conversation with your Father?  Together we will dive into Scripture to look at the conversational heart of our God.  By valuing His voice and placing priority on spending time with Him, we will walk through practical ways we can learn to tune our ears to recognize His sweet voice.

From Religion To Relationship

Religion walks you to the doorway of change and pushes you inside.  Relationship takes its hand at the small of your back and walks into the change with you. Looking at New Testament Scripture we’ll look to see how Jesus responded to the religion, and we’ll test our own hearts to find out if we lean more towards religion or relationship.  In this message we will walk away with deeper hunger for the relationship Christ longs to have with us.