While you're here, be sure to check out my gallery of photographic images, my blog, the workshops Keith and I are hosting, the Creative Call Planner and so much more! 

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Life as a wife, mom, owner of multiple businesses and Director of two international magazines keeps me busy.  On the blog you'll find thoughts, helpful advice, free downloads, tips and hints regarding faith, family and staying organized! 

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Creative Call Planner

This life planner was created from nothing but need.  Life is crazy, and I need all the space I can possibly get to organize my hectic life.  Check it out. I think you'll like it. 


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Photographic Workshops

Join Keith and I on one of our many photographic adventures.  Whether you visit us in Charleston, venture into the Smokies, or we take you back home to the Canadian Rockies, we'd love to have you explore with us!