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A Quest For Light is a group for Christian women who are looking for encouragement, inspiration, community and a place to grow their faith. Please fe...
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Racism: The Enemy Of America

I want to introduce you to someone who is incredibly dear to my heart: His name is Eric. Eric came into my sister’s life when things looked bleak.  She battles so many…

A Hurricane To Slow You Down

Keith looked at the tv a couple weeks back, saw the hurricane, looked at me and said “I don’t have a good feeling about this one”. Last week saw us regularly watching…

Hurricane Florence & A Briley Family Update

What a week it has been!  Keith was still in Dallas helping his family when we chatted on the phone about having to keep an eye on Florence. Early this week the…

Creating Margin To Create

If you wait for inspiration to strike, you’ll never create.  In fact, if you wait for inspiration, none of your projects will ever seen completion. I learned quickly when I started painting,…

Overcoming Fear In The Midst Of The Storm

A weather alert crossed my phone letting me know South Carolina was in a state of emergency.  Welcome to another hurricane season in Charleston. In the last three years we have had…

A Life Defined

Two weeks ago while redesigning a few features on my website, I accidentally deleted all of my previous blog posts.  With a deep sigh and feeling of loss, I knew it was…

Show Me Your Glory

Imagine having spent 40 days in the Presence of God.  During this 40 day period, you would be able to hear Him speak, and not just listen, but also speak back to…



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