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A Quest For Light is a group for Christian women who are looking for encouragement, inspiration, community and a place to grow their faith. Please fe...
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Antiqued blooms and letting go.

It’s Sunday. A day of rest, reflection and quiet thoughts. Our hydrangeas were gorgeous this year. We planted them the year we moved into our home, shortly after our wedding. They have…

A Hurricane To Slow You Down

Keith looked at the tv a couple weeks back, saw the hurricane, looked at me and said “I don’t have a good feeling about this one”. Last week saw us regularly watching…

The Birth Of Something New…

Something I can barely explain is stirring from the deepest parts of my heart, rooting from my very soul. An opening sentence to a blog post like the one above, is intimidating…

Hurricane Florence & A Briley Family Update

What a week it has been!  Keith was still in Dallas helping his family when we chatted on the phone about having to keep an eye on Florence. Early this week the…

Creativity: Promptings Over Inspiration

Inspiration is fleeting and unreliable, but hearing the voice of God and His promptings can always be counted on. I can recall being a young writer and waiting for the mysterious and…

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad, Today you turn 72 years old.  I’m trying to number the days, add up the memories and formulate the sum that has brought us to this birthday, but no matter…

2017: The Year Everything Changed

Today my time at home led me to 8,468 steps of packing up Christmas, tucking it safely away in the attic, and redecorating for the new year, just a few short hours…



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