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A Quest For Light is a group for Christian women who are looking for encouragement, inspiration, community and a place to grow their faith. Please fe...
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Small Beginnings

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”                                  …

A Day Of Preparation

It’s a day of preparation.  Whether you’re preparing for Christmas by decorating your home and tree, or you’re preparing by being out among the crowds shopping for presents, you’re likely spending the…

You Were Created To Create

If your Pinterest account is filled with Boards such as “Things To Create”, “Things To Try”, or “I Want To Make This”, you can join the thousands of men and women who…

The Secret Place

I step into the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. My senses come alive with the sights, smells, and the textures available to touch.  My soul exhales, and my heart expands. Surrounding me…

Learning To Listen

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to go to church and hear my dad preach.  It’s been years since I’ve been able to sit and listen to him at the pulpit.  The…

The Story Of With

As creative people, we don’t typically prioritize or value our art as it should be valued.  This is the conversation I had with a friend today. During the holiday season I picked…

3 Ways God Heals Your Pain

At 22 years old my nephew is a lean, tall athlete that has been groomed for basketball his entire life.  He’s played football and baseball, and probably many other sports I don’t…

Reflections of Spring

Growing up in Northern Canada, Spring was something we waited for, longed after, and wouldn’t come soon enough.  Since moving to the South, each year she shows up unexpectedly and sooner than…

When God Takes Too Long

How we respond to God when He is seemingly taking longer to respond, act, or deliver us out of a tough situation is a barometer of our faith.   A barometer is used…



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