Creative call retreat 2017

January 17 - 22


have you ever had something so deep on your heart....

that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't escape the idea?  Like a nagging whisper, and a gentle tugging on the corners of your heart, it seems too big, too hard, too complicated and you just can't shake it? 

That is exactly what this retreat was for me for the past two years.  It's something the Lord has put on my heart for over a decade but the timing as never right, it all just seemed so scary and so I sat it back on the bookshelf for another year.  

That year arrived when I knew that by not hosting this retreat, I was being disobedient to something God has asked me to do.  

A lot of times God puts things on our hear that seem too large, too outrageous, too big and so we gently place it on shelf and say "later, Lord. Not now, later.".   Well girls, it's time to be brave, to come together with those secret longings on our heart and it's take to take action.  

This retreat is a safe place to come together with like-minded people, to learn to listen intently to the Lord, and then put to action that which He is asking us to do.  

I hope you'll join us.  See you there!