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A Jungle Accident

A Jungle Accident


As many of you know, my brother and his family are missionaries to Guatemala where they go and help remote villages establish churches and together with Ketchi Bible Institute, they train up pastors from the villages.  Below is a request that has just been sent out by my brother's wife Jessica.  Please read and pray for them! 

We have an urgent need for prayer from the jungle of Guatemala.   


As of the time of writing, the story is still unfolding and some facts are unclear but here is what we know.  

On Monday, December 11th Jon departed his home with his jungle truck to head deep into remote territory with two men and Pastor Pedro .  Pastor Pedro is a graduate of Ketchi Bible Institute and now a pastor in a distant unreached village working on planting a church.  He had come back to the institute to attend ordination services and graduation of his peers and get supplies. 

Jon volunteered to take Pastor Pedro, his wife and small child back into the village where they live with his truck.   Going up into the village they experienced no difficulty.  They had the pastors wife and small child with them and we are praising the Lord the trip to the village was successful. Jon and the students were able to bring up a small corn mill and install a small solar panel and battery pack so the family would have lights and be able to grind corn. 


Yesterday Jon and the two students attempted to return home after torrential rain which made the dirt road exceptionally difficult to navigate and the rivers to rise substantially.   There was an accident while trying to cross the flooded river.  As they were passing through the waters, the truck hit a tree stump that was hidden under the water.   They attempted to use the winch to the truck, but a cable broke and the winch was inoperable.  

5 men with horses came along and attempted to pull the truck out of the water, but were unsuccessful.  The truck continues to be stuck in the river.  Severe water damage has effected the engine and the extent of the damage can only be assessed once Jon is able to get the truck back to their town.  


Without transportation and due to their remote location there is no traffic on the road, they decided they would have to walk out of the jungle.  They walked for two hours to a nearby village, and then continued on to a military base.  Neither the village or the military base were able to offer any help.  Jon and two of the students spent the night on the porch of a pastors house wet and muddy while temperatures dropped to 50 degrees. 

For those of you who know, Jon suffers from chronic chikengunya and this accident has been very difficult on his body and the pain he's experiencing right now is intense.  

Our most recent update is that they are now crossing a river on a ferry right now and hoping to find an ATM at the next small town they come to so that Jonathan can purchase bus fares for him and the men so they can make it home.  

Here are the specific and immediate prayer requests we are asking for:

1) Safety/protection on the bus for Jon and the men.

2) That God would strengthen Jon physically, mentally and spiritually. 

3) That God would provide a way for the truck to be pulled out of the jungle.

4) That the truck and all the valuables that had to be left in it will be left  untouched. 

5) That God will provide the funds and a way to either have the jungle truck repaired, or a new truck will be provided so that Jon can continue the work he's doing in supporting the village pastors and the work being done at Ketchi Bible Institute.

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