Seeking and Finding

We crested the hill and there they stood, the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Unlike the many other times that I first laid eyes on them, my heart sat heavy in my chest. Worries, things needing solutions, deadlines and expectations chased me as each kilometer drew me closer to the peaks.

I asked Keith if we could pull aside on the road. I needed my feet in wilderness. I needed to draw away and hide myself in the trees, near a glacial stream.

I sat down. I prayed. I sang. I asked the Lord to draw near to me.

And somewhere deep in my soul something shifted and my eyes saw the largest heart rock I’ve ever seen. I picked it up, carried its weight back up the stream to where Keith waited for me. The weight felt appropriate. It was symbolic of the weight in my heart that was longing for the Lord.

And now here I sit. Mountain lake before me, and surrounded by peaks.

I’m realizing that there is something profound with worship in the mountains. Something that is core to this place and inseparable. My heart can’t help but sing a small song in a whisper to my Father and as I bring the small bits of praise that I have, I can feel Him responding. Drawing near.

Keith has gone to grab his gear and has set his tripod and camera up close by. I’ve decided some moments are best spent observing, listening, quieting ones heart.



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