Good Friday: A Love Story

Every great love story has a trial to overcome.  Our love story with Jesus is no different, it’s called Good Friday.

His followers couldn’t understand what He was telling them.  They could never imagine what was about to occur just a few short hours ahead: An event that would cause all of their beliefs about Jesus to shake and quake with the trembling earth.

“He should have”,  “Why didn’t He”,  “I thought He could” will rotate through their minds as earth grows darker and silence gathers thick around them.

Are you in a place where you have these same questions?

Why didn’t He save my marriage?

Why didn’t He heal my child?

Why didn’t I get that job….any job?

Why is this all so hard?

It may feel like you’re currently walking through the tragedy of your love story with Christ right now, as if He’s absent, unable or unwilling to come and save you, but sweet friend don’t believe it.

The tragedy happened over 2,000 years ago on the cross.  Where the One who came, left to pay ransom for our sins, and then came back in all His unveiled splendor and glory.

Today you live in the reality of His faithful Presence in your life and of the promised Helper who Christ said He would send you.  As a follower of Christ, He’s currently with you even now, when things look like they are in despair.

Every great love story suffers through a tragedy.  Today on Good Friday we remember His selfless act with a keen awareness of who put Him there:  You and I.

This beautiful, heroic, selfless love of Jesus wasn’t going to let any amount of sin that spans the history of the humanity keep Him away from you.  No matter what you’ve done, how many times you’ve disappointed your family, or disappointed yourself, nothing, absolutely nothing can keep Him from pursuing you.

He truly is your greatest love story. Join Him in the pages of your life.


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