When Your Promise Requires Patience

Do you remember waiting for Christmas morning?  You’d made your list, checked it twice, and maybe even poked your head into the forbidden closet to confirm that your wish for that one very special toy had been granted.  You knew what was coming, but had to wait with anticipation for that one special morning.

The same can be true in our adult life as Christians.  We receive a clear promise from God, it’s been confirmed so there can be little room for doubt, and then you wait.  Unlike being a child at Christmas, there is no date on a calendar that can mark it’s delivery, and so with patience you move to the window of your life and watch expectantly.

Several of my sweet friends feel the Lord has promised them an end to their singleness, and yet months roll by, dates turn unsuccessful, and they wait.

I’m surrounded by an incredible community of women who all have a calling on their lives to serve God and minister to women, but they are waiting on doors to open so they can serve.  It’s a promise that requires patience.

When we read the Bible, it’s easy to move from one chapter to another in the span of 10 minutes, and in doing so, we neglect to fully let the realization hit us that decades can pass from the time the promise is given, to its full, tangible realization.  Abraham is a prime example of this.  In fact, if this is a place you find yourself, I highly encourage you to slowly read through the life of Abraham starting in Genesis 12.  Make notes.  Jot down your observations.  Grab your red pen and when you feel the Lord speaking to you in this area, record it.

Our life of faith begins and ends in our obedience and faithfulness when we know the promise is on the horizon but not quite within reach.  Be faithful.  He will never fail you.


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