2017 Creative Call Planner

2017 Creative Call Planner


This Creative Life Planner is a beautiful calendar that will help keep your life organized, and provide an organized place to keep your creative endeavors organized.  The Creative Life Planner is an 8.5'' x 11'' planner and includes Year At A Glance, Month At A Glance, and horizontal weekly calendars. 

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Please note this is only a digital file.  To have your CL Planner printed, I would recommend sending it to www.MGXcopy.com.   Below you'll see the cost to print is about $34.  I have chosen heavy paper (although this is a personal preference). 

I then take my front cover and back cover to Stapes and have them laminate it.  They will also bind it for you, however I prefer to punch it and use ARC rings.